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1.   Forensic Scientists’ Analyst Permits, Affidavits, and Curricula Vitae
2.   Officer Phlebotomy Training
3.   Certificates of Analysis for Aqueous Calibrators (Cerilliant)
4.   Certificate of Analysis for Aqueous Control 0.100 (EMD)
5.   Certificate of Analysis for Aqueous Control 0.100 (Restek)
6.   Certificate of Analysis for Aqueous Control 0.040, 0.080, 0.300 (Lipomed)
7.   Product Description for Whole Blood Control
8.   Material Safety Data Sheets from EM Science for N-Propanol
9.   Phoenix Police Department Property Management Chain of Custody Codes
10.  Protocol for Analysis of Ethanol
11.  Protocol for Discovery Requests
12.  Information regarding PDI Povidone Iodine Prep Pads/Swabs
13.  FDA Compliance Letter (Tri-Tech Forensics)
14.  Disclosure re: Phoenix Crime Lab’s Report on the Examination of Physical Evidence ( "Approved By" data entry field)
15.  Affidavit of John Knell, Phoenix Crime Lab (supplement to 14, above.)
16.  Affidavit from Justice Trax (supplement to 14, above.)
17.  Measurement of Uncertainty Estimation for Ethanol Analysis and Excluded QC Data
18.  Measurement of Uncertainty Estimation for Ethanol Analysis Determination Process
19.  Quality Issue Final Report (re: acetone)
20.  Preventative Action Report 2022-PA-0005 (DFE detected in 5% of evacuated tubes from blood-kit lot #67671)
21.  Quality Issue Final Report 2022-QI-0024 (methods TOX-SOP-22, TOX-SOP-29, AND TOX-SOP-30 found nonconforming during ANAB reassessment audit)
22.  The Quality Assurance Manual of the Laboratory Services Bureau is available at this link under "Administrative - Quality Manual"

The following item is available from the Phoenix Crime Laboratory upon request:

  1. Batch Data

The following items are available for viewing at the Phoenix Crime Laboratory.
To set up an appointment, call the Toxicology Supervisor at 602-262-6197.

  1. Service Reports for Headspace Gas Chromatograph
  2. Maintenance Worksheets for Headspace Gas Chromatograph
  3. Maintenance Worksheets for Pipettor
  4. Certification and Other Documents received along with each Headspace Gas Chromatograph
  5. Pipette Calibration Certificates
  6. Certification for Diluter/Pipettor
  7. Circular Graph showing Hourly Temperature of the Lab Refrigerator
  8. Reagent Log Book
  9. Quality Control Charts
  10. Printout from the Instrument of the Headspace Method
  11. Validation Study Book for each Headspace Gas Chromatograph
  12. The Bureau Quality Assurance Manual of the Laboratory Services Bureau
  13. Corrective and Preventative Action Reports
  14. Certification of Crime Lab Accreditation